Banners are traditionally made of vinyl or PVC and used outside, for short-term use. Vinyl is a durable material, so it’s perfect for external use and it can take a battering from wind and rain (once it is tied securely). Vinyl is also a flexible material meaning it can be tied tightly to a fence, frame etc. for a smooth finish, and it can be rolled up for storage and transport – a solid sign of a similar size would be bulky and unwieldy. Banners of this type are also relatively cheap, hence their popularity for short-term use to advertise seasonal promotions, once-off events, temporary sponsorship etc. Vinyl Banners are also easy to erect – unless there is height involved – all that is usually needed are a few cable ties or bungee cords and a sturdy fence or railing. What’s more, digitally printed vinyl banners offer high print quality and sharpness, with no limit on the amount of colours etc. So, there’s no need to compromise on quality or design when commissioning a banner as a short-term or low cost signage option.

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