Brochure Holders

Leaflet holders made of clear plastic including acrylic

Brochures and all types of leaflet can be displayed effectively in smart plastic leaflet dispensers. The Acrylic leaflet holder is especially popular as the durable plastic material is crystal clear. Some brochure holder models are also made of styrene - a high impact grade of plastic which is excellent for brochure display purposes. Acrylic brochure holders are supplied in counter top and wall mounted versions. Perspex is a brand of acrylic so these acrylic brochure holders may also be referred to as a Perspex leaflet holder.

Single tier and multi-tier leaflet dispensers

Counter leaflet dispensers and wall mounted brochure dispensers are available as single units or as stacked brochure arrays for efficient multi-tier display. Acrylic brochure displays mounted on the wall use space effectively. They serve as catalogue holders and pamphlet holders. View our range of wall mounted leaflet holders and table brochure holder models, both very economically priced.

Comprehensive and cost effective literature display range.

From low cost plastic brochure holders to high quality leaflet dispensers Hyland Express Digital Print offers an excellent range. As a brochure holder supplier we offer table top literature display racks including tiered acrylic models for counter-top use, and wall hanging plastic brochure holders for document, catalogue and brochure display. We also supply the low price yet effective InFoPak range of outdoor brochure display holders which are waterproof for exterior use.

Popular sizes of leaflet holder, A4, A5 and DL

A4 leaflet holders and A4 brochure holders suit the ever popular A4 paper and standard A4 size brochures. It is similar to US letter size though this particular size is not used in Europe. We supply A4 wall leaflet holders and freestanding A4 brochure holders.

A5 brochure holders and A5 leaflet holders suit booklets, pamphlets and smaller catalogues printed A5 size (which is half of A4). Free standing and wall fixed brochure display holders are supplied in A5 size. See A5 brochure holders for tables and single A5 wall-mount leaflet holders.

DL size brochure holders suit 1/3 A4 paper which is also known as Tri-fold or Compliments slip size. DL or trifold size brochures are popular in the tourist industry and DL leaflet holders are widely used to display brochures advertising events and attractions. Third A4 leaflet holder models are supplied as single units or as tiered brochure displays for sales counters and reception desks.

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